Artist Book Reverse Geology - out now
Drawings: Karen Vermeren
Text: Elke Couchez
Graphic Design: Louis Lüthi
Publisher: Stockmans Publications
Supported by AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz, Yellow Press, Sint Lucas School of Arts Antwerp, Kunsten & Erfgoed Vlaanderen
ISBN : 9789077207680
Paperback, Soft Cover, 88 p, A4, Price 25€

view a fragment here 1:15, or the full version here 2:31

Book Presentation on Thursday November 28th, 7 pm
Books People Places , Crellestraße 26, 10827 Berlin
with AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz

City in Reverse
A contribution for Forum+, vol. 26 (2019, spring), p.14-21, http://www.forum-online.be